5 Steps To An Ant Free Home

A home is an ideal place for the ants to survive, so they entered the house with the intention to stay forever. If your house has a lot of insects then you need to get rid of them. Although ants attack your food and build their nest everywhere and create a big problem in your daily lifestyle. To make your house ant-proof, you need to follow the below 5 steps that are easy to do.

5  Methods To Getting Rid Of Ants From The House.

  • Block Their Way, Seal The Cracks

As we know, they are very small in size so they easily enter the house with small cracks. You need to close the ant holes and cracks immediately. Simply use silicone or plastic to seal the hole so they cannot enter the house. Specially check the cracks in the kitchen.

  • Clean The Leftover

Right after finishing your food, immediately wash your dishes because ants attack quickly to the leftover food in the kitchen or on the table. So always keep in mind to clean the scattered food and leftover food from the dishes. Clean the dishes with some soap.

  • Mint Leaves

Mint leaves are cheap and a good way to get rid of ants. Get some mint leaves from the garden and place them in the area where you do not want the ant to be. After placing the mint leaves, you get a quick result in just some hours. The best way to use some mint is to make a small bag of fine cloth with mint leaves and tie them with a string at the end. And fix this bag at a particular place, where no one can reach except ants.

  • Use Garlic

Garlic has a strong smell so it also worked as a repellent for ants and other insects. Take some garlic and make garlic juice. Mix this garlic juice with some water in a spray bottle. After keeping the mixture for 2 hours. After 2 hours, spread this mixture on the favourable area of the ant. You can spray this mixture on the way of the ants also. 

  • Baking Soda And Sugar

Sugar works for many insects like ants also. Insects love to eat sugar and get attracted to them easily. Get a bowl and mix equal parts of baking soda and sugar and sprinkle it in the area where the ants pass. This mixture releases a very heavy toxic for ants. This method is the best home remedy that works very effectively.

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